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Biological Control as Pesticide Alternative: It’s a Bug Eat Bug World

Biological Control As Pesticide Alternative: It’s A Bug Eat Bug World

The Amblyseius andersoni, a tan-colored predatory mite, crawls out from a cup suspended below the canopy of cannabis plants and makes its way up the nearest stalk. Hunting for prey, it heads for an infested leaf and easily locates a group of russet mites. It gets to work, devouring the microscopic pests and quickly eradicating every unsavory mite – be it russet, broad, or spider – that plagues the plants. These tiny predators and others like them could be the key to eliminating the cannabis industry’s pesticide problem. It’s no secret that possibly dangerous chemical pesticides are used in cannabis cultivation. Every legal state has endured recalls and controversy over pesticide residue on marijuana, and regulators have scrambled to patch up guidelines and enforce limits. These concerns are not new. While the problem has received a great deal of attention recently, labs are still finding pesticides in pot. For at least the past seven years we’ve been plagued with this issue...

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