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DEA Tweet Accidentally Reveals Big Argument for Legalization

Dea Tweet Accidentally Reveals Big Argument For Legalization

Part of the DEA’s failed War on Drugs has been to push erroneous information, despite scientific proof, that marijuana is dangerous and should therefore remain classified in the same category as heroin. On Tuesday, the DEA tweeted a chart that referred to the “tobacco model” as a success. The chart compared perceptions of tobacco use to that of marijuana use, making the case that risingperception of harm is correlated with falling usage rates. So far, so good. The problem, however, is—tobacco is legal and perception of harm has increased. Marijuana is illegal and perception of harm has been decreasing. Drug/Tobacco Use and Perceived Harm In the DEA’s interpretation, pointed out Vox, the chart shows there is a correlation between perceptions of risk and a drug’s use. The chart shows that as the perceived risk of tobacco rose, its use among 12th graders dropped. In terms of pot use among 12th graders, risk perceptions dropped while pot use remained relatively flat. There is another...

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