Kind Heart Collective: Lifelong Friendships Make Great Cannabis

“I’m really picky about my clones.” Joel ‘The Janitor’ Johnson beams before a corner of baby plants. It’s his job to help decide which strains Kind Heart Collective keeps in stock, and he relies on a network of people he’s known since middle school to help him find the best selection for their clients. Kind Heart Collective in North Portland is a friends-and-family kind of business, run by people who know each other, and know Portland cannabis, through years of shared experience. This trusted network not only gives Kind Heart the ability to locate and develop their chosen strains, but it also provides them with unique insights into the best growing practices for those varieties. The interior of Kind Heart Collective “We selected professional cannabis cultivators with more than 30 years of combined experience to give our medical patients the quality products they deserve,” says owner Robert Reyes. “Our growers work with elite cannabis genetic seed companies, providing our patients with premium strains of cannabis, concentrates, edibles, and clones. [Everything is] verified and genetics are documented from seed to harvest.” An open, recently remodeled waiting room and a welcoming receptionist lead to an equally spacious sales floor attended by a group of excited and well-informed curators. The menu is displayed on five big-screen televisions, and all flower is pre-packaged, which makes it a quick and convenient Friday evening stop before checking out some of the trendy nightlife buzzing on N. Denver Avenue. The interior of Kind Heart Collective Spending most of their adult lives together, studying and enjoying cannabis together through most of their adulthood, has given the folks who run Kind Heart Collective a unique perspective on the evolving cannabis market. It’s this combined history, coupled with a commitment to always learning more, that drives Robert and his team. After years of experience, and they are equally comfortable with medical or recreational clientele. “With the industry maturing and with more research being done, we try and stay as up to date as possible, with new information in regard to using marijuana and the effects of consuming. So no matter what level of experience, we strive to have it available.” Cannabis products at Kind Heart Collective

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