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Tiger’s Milk: A Hybrid Strain with Exceptionally Relaxing Benefits

Tiger’s Milk: A Hybrid Strain With Exceptionally Relaxing Benefits

Test Results: THC: 1.68 % | THCA 34.3% THCA Tested By: CMT Laboratories Tiger’s Milk from Kind Love Dispensary might be my new favorite strain. It’s parent strains are Bubba Kush and Appalachia, making it one highly potent Indica-Dominant Hybrid. The nugs that I recently sampled had a gorgeous layer of frosty trichomes all throughout, and their earthy aromas were balanced by a sweet creamy flavor. The cerebral effects hit you almost instantly, and the physical state of euphoria has been referred to by some as “borderline psychedelic.” I wouldn’t necessarily want to smoke this strain before a big night out on the town. Instead, I would personally recommend getting down on some Tiger’s Milk after a long weekend of hiking or dancing, before a big meal, or if you plan on having really awesome sex. Tiger’s Milk from Kind Love

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