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Coo-Coo for GaGa: Peanut Butter Cup Redefined

Coo Coo For Ga Ga: Peanut Butter Cup Redefined

10mg THC per serving Gaga Edibles’ 10mg Peanut Butter Cups end competition for PNW’s best PBC. A shell of heavy, melty chocolate wraps a peanut butter core infused with THC. The classic acerbic taste of cannabis slips away in that creamy peanut butter consistency. A GaGa edible’s high subdues, uplifts and fosters social and creative freedom. After eating 10mg, I drifted into a plant-like serenity, quietly relaxed next to a blazing fireplace — photosynthesizing — then drifted into hours of vivid dreaming. When I woke, ala Kafka, I had become that bird mascot from those kid’s chocolate cereal commercials — coo-coo for GaGa peanut butter cups! Peanut Butter Cup from GaGa Edibles

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