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MJ Freeway Clients to See Most Services Restored This Week

Mj Freeway Clients To See Most Services Restored This Week

Cannabis software firm MJ Freeway says its retail clients will see primary services restored during the next few days following what the Denver-based company is calling a “targeted” hack of its servers over the weekend. But a full recovery, including the restoration of historical client data, could take weeks.

“Clients were operational, the first of them, yesterday,” Jeannette Ward, the company’s director of data and marketing, told Leafly on Tuesday. The firm has been working with cannabis businesses to verify their identities and issue them new websites and passwords, she said. “The last clients will be brought online to that tomorrow.” “No patient, consumer, or client data was ever extracted or viewed. The forensic analysis proves that.” Jeannette Ward, MJ Freeway “The site has all the necessary functionality that they had before,” Ward continued. “What will take time is reconstructing historical data” from backups, a process she likened to piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. “We...

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