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Are Consumers Searching for Cannabis, Marijuana, or Weed?

Are Consumers Searching For Cannabis, Marijuana, Or Weed?

Cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed: The terms all generally mean the same thing. So what’sthe right way to refer to theplant? Which words are people currently using to search for information?

I’m a senior content strategist at Leafly, which means I use trends in online and offline behavior to help inform our writing, editorial calendars, and other channels used to connect to our audience. One of the most interesting things I’m noticing is the evolution of cannabis consumers. They’re getting smarter. And the way they refer to the product is changing. Here’s how cannabis consumers search for common variations of “cannabis” onGoogle right now:

There’s a clear preference, but you can’t rely only on search volume to determine how you discuss a topic. Search volume provides just a snapshot. Taking a look at data over time and getting a feel for the long-term trend can be just as important. For example, look at trends in searches for “marijuana” vs. “cannabis” in Google since 2005:


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