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6 Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Waiting Room Experience

6 Ways To Improve Your Customer’s Waiting Room Experience

Visiting a dispensary for the first time can be an intimidating experience, but if your business provides a warm, welcoming environment for your new visitor, he or she can feel more at ease with the process. Customer service is a crucial component in turning new visitors into repeat customers, and your waiting room is a huge part of that experience. The space can leave an immediate impression on your customers and dictate how the rest of their experience will go; a well-designed waiting room can make your visitors feel comfortable and confident in your dispensary’s professionalism, while a dirty or sparse area can undermine your legitimacy and work against you. Is your waiting room unremarkable? Here are some tips for making sure your dispensary offers the best first impression possible for your customers that will make them want to come back. Keep It Clean and Comfortable

Image via Lightshade Sheridan’s location in Denver, CO First and foremost: make sure your waiting room area is...

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