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Do You Have the Nose to Make it as a Cannabis Interperner?

Do You Have The Nose To Make It As A Cannabis Interperner?

Interpening [In-terp-en-ing], Verb The Art of the Cannabis Sommelier: The Science of Dissecting Cannabis Flower for Total Quality Control and Psychoactive Variety-type Designation.

Wine Sommeliers, Beer Cicerones, Cheese Mongers, Coffee Cuppers… What do each ofthese cryptic titles have in common? Well, they are the titles given to masters in their respectivefields who have proven the ability to successfully dissect, grade, certify, and relay their expertise. And now, there is finally the Cannabis Interpener: the trained expert of cannabis. Let me introduce you to the Interpening Program. A cannabis Interpener has sharp olfactory senses, is able to identify a specific cannabis variety based on visual clues and terpene characteristics, and of course, is able to discern the highest-quality product amidst the sea of mids. Gorilla Glue grown by TKO Reserve. Photo courtesy of Allie Beckett. Max Montrose, a founder of the Trichome Institute, developed the Interpening concept in 2008. The...

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