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Air Force to Expand Medical Waivers and Stop Asking about Prior Pot Use

Air Force To Expand Medical Waivers And Stop Asking About Prior Pot Use

TheU.S. Air Force is seeking to expand its ranks by boosting the number of medical waivers it issues for potential recruits, recently reported. Prospective airmen and women who, in the past, were routinely disqualified from serving because of such medical issues as eczema, asthma and ADHD, will now be given a second chance on a case-by-case basis. But in another important change, rules blocking recruits who have priorly used marijuana will also be relaxed. Previously, applicants were carefully screened concerning drug and alcohol involvement. As a minimum, they could expect the recruiter to ask is they had every used or trafficked drugs. If the answer was yes to trafficking, the recruit could expect to be ineligible for enlistment. In terms of use, a person who had used “non-hard” drugs in any amount considered more than just “experimentation” (use of marijuana over 15 times is generally when the military considers “experimentation” to stop)would likely have been barred...

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