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El Chapo OG Marijuana Strain Review

El Chapo Og Marijuana Strain Review

Strain Overview The Scoop:El Chapo OG is an authoritative Indica-dominant hybrid whose genetic downline is as mysterious as the wanted leader of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel. A compelling strain cultivated in the Golden State, El Chapo OG reeks of earthlike elements thanks to its pungent terpenes. Enigmatic and flavorful, its medicinal effects are known to mitigate inflammation while reducing stress and depression. The Result:Incredibly hard to locate – just ask the FBI, DEA, and Mexican authorities – El Chapo OG ends even the most stressful day on a high note. Unlike Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, this strain is known for producing a peaceful and euphoric mindset, for those who can find it. The Verdict:With earthy hints of terra firma and citrus, this intriguing strain helps individuals imprisoned by pain escape their physical incarceration. No tunneling required, this potent California strain delivers freedom from discomfort after the first rip off your daily driver. El Chapo...

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