El Chapo Og Marijuana Strain Review

Strain Overview The Scoop: El Chapo OG is an authoritative Indica-dominant hybrid whose genetic downline is as mysterious as the wanted leader of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel. A compelling strain cultivated in the Golden State, El Chapo OG reeks of earthlike elements thanks to its pungent terpenes. Enigmatic and flavorful, its medicinal effects are known to mitigate inflammation while reducing stress and depression. The Result: Incredibly hard to locate – just ask the FBI, DEA, and Mexican authorities – El Chapo OG ends even the most stressful day on a high note. Unlike Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, this strain is known for producing a peaceful and euphoric mindset, for those who can find it. The Verdict: With earthy hints of terra firma and citrus, this intriguing strain helps individuals imprisoned by pain escape their physical incarceration. No tunneling required, this potent California strain delivers freedom from discomfort after the first rip off your daily driver. El Chapo OG marijuana test results Strain Characteristics Type: Indica-dominant hybrid Also Known As: Shorty Genetics: Undetermined Origin: California How Stoned Will You Get:  8.5 Average THC: 19 – 23% Average Price Per ⅛: $45 Awards: Not yet Strain Profile The Science: While El Chapo OG is considered an Indica-dominant Hybrid, its Sativa side is a force to be reckoned with. Though relaxing and inspirational for most, its collective cannabinoids and terpenes can occasionally over stimulate the thought process for some individuals, causing unneeded apprehension. Great as a 4:20 smoke, El Chapo OG frees the creative mind and unleashes pent-up productivity. Appearance: Dense and average in size, the El Chapo flower is shielded with THC-laced trichomes. Standing guard over its potent compounds, an Army of peach colored pistils salutes those about to smoke. Short, squat and intoxicating, El Chapo’s OG phenotypes are visually conspicuous. Consistency: As is generally the case with today’s modern cultivation practices and hybrid strains, El Chapo OG produces some seriously tight flower. When properly cultivated and cured, its nugs are condensed into one rock hard bud. Easily shredded with a decent grinder or scissors, breaking apart El Chapo’s resinous buds by hand should be outlawed. Scent: Drenched with the smell of citrus, soil, and an earthlike bouquet, El Chapo’s pungent aroma is a dead giveaway in tight quarters. Extraordinarily hard to conceal regardless of the airtight container, its odor will NOT escape the discerning nose. Taste: F*king incredible! Much like the fugitive this strain is named after, El Chapo OG’s essence is truly killer. Mixing a psychoactive flavor profile of lemons, pine tree sap and earthbound elements – consumers will find this taste overtly captivating. Effect: Pardoning anxiety and hopelessness, this strain releases individuals from painful joint inflammation and daily bouts of chronic pain. Not for the faint of heart, the euphoria and relaxed state of mind can quickly spiral into an all-out panic session when personal affairs are not in order. Calming yet thought provoking, El Chapo OG is a great 9-to-5 strain. Strain Background: Originally cultivated by California’s skilled growers, the exact strains used in this elusive Hybrid are yet to be disclosed. Medical Uses: Swelling, aching muscles and joints, melancholy, tension. Find the best deals on marijuana near you today Growth and Seed Info Photo courtesy of Kindland Note: El Chapo OG loves being trained. Think LST ( low stress training) or Super Cropping. Pros: High- yield Cons: Enjoys cooler environment$ Original Breeder: Misto Breeder Current Breeder: Unknown Known Phenotypes:  Short, squat and fast at maturing Seed Bank of Choice:  Unknown Flowering Time: 50-60 days Flowering Type: Indica, LST Growth Height:  3’-5’ Indoor Expected Yield: 75 – 1lbs per 1,000W HPS Garden Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced Family: OG Kush Related Strains: Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, Sativa of unknown origin Breeder Quote/Advice: Cultivate fast, small, and hit full maturation fast by starting with clones and adjusting lights to a 12/12 schedule after two weeks of vegetation. In the below YouTube video, TheCapn provides a few useful tips on how to increase your yield next harvest.


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