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Task-Farce: Let Me Light That For You.

Task Farce: Let Me Light That For You.

This article details my analysis of the recommendations brought forward by the Liberal Government’s “Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation.” Full text of the report can be found here:

Task force recommendations. As I see, and perhaps you’ll agree, their advice is based on “reefer madness 2.0” – the myth of inherent harm done to the developing mind of young people – combined with an interest in protecting the profit margins of big business and fighting the “black market” criminal boogeyman. The problem, the myths presented in their report take root in evidence compiled by researchers who limit focus groups and ignore general population statistics – because relevant stats don’t suggest cannabis makes kids stupid or crazy. The task force’s findings come from the prohibition mindset. And their recommendations deny our human medical autonomy, without mention of proper use or care for harm reduction to mitigate cannabis misuse amongst teens. Here are more highlights…...

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