“Pot Pow” Eddy Lepp Finally Enjoys Sweet Taste Of Freedom

Freedom For Eddy! After serving 8 1/2 years of a mandatory ten-year sentence for cultivation in California, Charles “Eddy” Lepp finally enjoyed the sweet taste of freedom on Wednesday morning. Sentenced to serve his time in a federal prison located in Colorado for the cultivation of more than 30,000 marijuana plants, Lepp’s unfortunate situation was considered legendary in California cultivation folklore: “It looked like a Christmas tree lot across Highway 20 from his home.” Eddy Lepp’s Marijuana Farm Twelve years ahead of his time, Eddy was originally busted on August 18, 2004, in the community of Upper Lake, California, located at the southwestern tip of the Mendocino National Forest. Confused by all the DEA fuss, Eddy was under the mistaken impression California law protected him. Claiming to be the authorized caregiver of approximately 2,000 California Prop 215 patients, Eddy initially faced a life sentence for cultivating cannabis for others – as well as getting caught with 32 caliber handgun. Rastafarian Vet Now free, the 64-year-old Rastafarian minister and Vietnam vet vowed to continue his fight for “national legalization,” according to The Mercury News. “Just because I went to federal prison doesn’t mean I got off the horse,” said Lepp, who will be on drug-monitored probation for five years. “It is still a long, long ride — and I’ll be there when it’s done.” As the tentative situation surrounding any hopes of federal legalization slips another few notches down the priority list (thanks, Trump), Eddie’s special brand of unique commitment will come in handy in beating back the banshees of prohibition.

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