Best Cannabis Strains for Sparking Creativity

Best Cannabis Strains For Sparking Creativity

Cannabis has long been a companion for creative minds. It has a way of expanding the imagination, enabling access to new thoughts, concepts, and ideas. For many of us, cannabis adds color to our world and allows us to appreciate small nuances that are normally filtered out by our busy brains.

Not all strains are created equal, thanks to differences in their terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Sure, some artists couldn’t care less what strains they keep stocked alongside pens and brushes, but others swear by specific strains and rely on them for stimulating creative thought. This list features strains that Leafly reviewers rate as highly creative, so consider giving them a try if you’re looking to kindle inspiration. RELATED STORYDoes Cannabis Help or Hinder Creativity? Kali Mist

Sometimes the only thing separating you from reaching creative flow is a lack of energy. Kali Mist, a bright and euphoric sativa strain, shakes your imagination awake and imbues it with colorful stimulation...

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