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An Ode to CBD Dabs

An Ode To Cbd Dabs

Whenever someone’s curious to try cannabis for the first time, I make what many people consider a strange, even stupid suggestion: Try dabbing. I know, I know. Dabbing can...
Happy 7/10 from The Avid Dabber

Happy 7/10 From The Avid Dabber

Happy 7/10, everybody! Also known as OIL Day, July 10th is a day of celebration for hash, concentrates, extracts, and any of the other labels given to cannabis oil in its...
The Origin of the 7/10 Oil Holiday

The Origin Of The 7/10 Oil Holiday

Most people who are familiar with cannabis recognize 4/20, either via its definitive history or the myths surrounding it. The number “420” has roots in cannabis more than...
Is Smoking Cannabis Bad for You?

Is Smoking Cannabis Bad For You?

The smoke arising from combustion of plant material, from any source, contains lots of toxins and carcinogens. Smoking tobacco cigarettes, smoking cannabis, or sitting near...
Cannabis Tax Rates: A State-By-State Guide

Cannabis Tax Rates: A State By State Guide

Here’s how each state stacks up in terms of state taxes, excises taxes, and wholesale taxes on both medical and retail cannabis. Click on a state to jump down to its tax...